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I-Charger I1800

POWER.GUY Ladegerдt I-Charger

PowerGuy® I1800 Portable Flat Pack Power with integrated Lithium Ion rechargeable battery!

The PowerGuy® Flat-Pack Charger I-1800 i is the most flat rechargeable Portable Power pack for mobile phones, PDA`s, IPOD, MP3-Player or digital cameras. With the built in powerful 1800 mA Lithium-Ion battery it grants long power availibility.

To create All-In-One solutions with the Flat Pack charger there are available several custom bags for PDA`s or even with IPOD to make it a power pack wearable at your belt.

Описание изделия

External Power Supply based on built-In Lithium Ion battery, suitable to charge and for continuous operation of mobile phones, MP3 Player, MDA/ PDA Portable Playstation or Digicams.

The heart of all PowerGuy® is a special designed Chip which optimize charging current and efficiencyin order to deliver maximum charge to the battery. It starts up automatically when a device drawing current is connected at the output, enabling the immediate operation of the device even if the battery is fully depleted.

In order to get it easy re-useable you can recharge it via the USB cable connected to your PC or optional USB power supply.

Особенности изделия

  • Source: Built-In 1800mAh rechargeable cell Ultra Flat Portable Power Pack for Charge and continius operation of mobile electronics
  • Up to 8 hours additional Talk Time
  • Up to 96 hours additional Stand By - Time
  • Compatible with (most) Mobile phones and MP3-Players
  • Rechargeable Function via USB

Технические характеристики изделия

  • aluminium flat pack Body
  • Input Source: Built In Lihtium Ion battery 3.7V / 1800mah (6,5WH)
  • Output Volatge: 5.0 - 5.7V.
  • Charging current: up to 700mA max. (dependent on load)
  • Useable even for mobile phones with depleted battery
  • low discharging
  • Efficiency 89%
  • Automatic startup when current drawn at output (upon connection to device).
  • Automatic shutdown when no current drawn at output (10 second delay).
  • rechargeable via USB of your Computer or optional Power supply.
  • Recharge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Output DC for adapter cables
  • Lifetime: min. 500 Ladevorgänge
  • Memory Effect Free
I-Charger I1800
I-Charger I1800

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